Tabassum Mosleh (Bushra)

Freelance Islamic Writer

What It’s All About

Every minute of our lives, we are going through a process of transformation, a metamorphosis.

I used to be a caterpillar. And then one day, Allah (swt) gave my heart light – the light of knowledge. And the transformation began.

A heart without knowledge is like a caterpillar, crawling on the path of life, blindly, without any sense of direction. It’s repulsive. It can only share stings and poisons.

And it feels empty, doesn’t it? As if something is missing. But what is it that’s missing? We don’t know that either … because we never had it in the first place.

Allah brings people from darknesses into light.

And then? Then it’s upon us to choose what to do with that light.

Do we let the light of knowledge guide us to our purpose in life, to a life of purity and tranquillity, or do we blacken our hearts to the extent that the light is extinguished forever?

This is the struggle, and it is through this struggle that we transform ourselves bit by bit, every minute of our lives.

In order to lead a tranquil life, in this world and in the Hereafter, we need two things – knowledge and its application.

Let me help you in your struggle. Allow me to narrate my own struggle. Accompany me on my journey, and let me accompany you in yours.

Let me share some of the knowledge that keeps coming my way, that Allah (swt) allows me to discover through my struggle. Listen to how that knowledge helps alleviate the darknesses around me, and let it lift the darknesses around you.

And repay me by sharing your light with me.

And let the cycle of transformation go on.


My Name:

Tabassum Mosleh (Bushra)

My Credentials:

Freelance Writer

Recognised Cataholic

Expert Introvert

Unregistered Bookworm

Amateur in Psycho and Its Logy

Acknowledged Treehugger


Okay, let’s be serious now.

Advanced ‘Alimiyyah student at al-Salam Institute, UK

Graduate in Islamic Studies from Islamic Online University

Graduate in Mechanical Engineering from University of Nottingham (Malaysia campus)







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